Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Research Director/Educational Psychologist
[email protected]
Dr. Moore is a learning and cognition researcher with more than 20 years of diverse experience in educational leadership, program evaluation, and curriculum development for private, non-profit, and government organizations.  She holds a master’s degree in early childhood education, and a PhD in educational psychology with an emphasis on quantitative research.  In addition to coordinating research on LearningRx training programs, she specializes in cognitive assessment and quantitative data analysis.



Teri Miller, M.S. Psy
Research Associate
[email protected]
Ms. Miller is a child development researcher and doctoral student in cognitive psychology.  She specializes in qualitative data analysis, data management, and participant progress monitoring.  She is also the Institutional Review Board Administrator.


Christina Ledbetter

Christina Ledbetter, PhD
[email protected]
Dr. Ledbetter is a clinical neuroscientist specializing in fMRI and neuroimaging.  She has a PhD in neuroscience, toxicology, and pharmacology and is a lead investigator for the institute.  She is a collaborator and consultant to cognitive training researchers in academia and industry.  In addition to her work at the Gibson Institute, she is also a research fellow at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, LA.
*Note: Dr. Ledbetter donates her time and expertise to the institute and does not accept payment for her work. 


Scientific Advisory Board
Howard Wainer, PhD
Richard Abbey, PhD
Christina Ledbetter, PhD
Bonnie Nicks, MS
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