Does Brain Training Work?

Does Brain training Work? 

Great question! The answer is…it depends.  There are several outspoken critics of cognitive training who have made it difficult to highlight the outstanding positive results we’re seeing every day in our research on LearningRx, a clinician-delivered training program.  Our results and those of other researchers who have examined LearningRx methodology have found that it works.  But not all brain training programs are alike.  There’s a big difference between computerized “brain games” and a therapeutic intervention delivered by a cognitive trainer.  Just like there’s a big difference between playing a video game and flying a fighter jet.  Some of the tasks might seem similar…but it’s not the same thing!

But we encourage you to read our results and compare them with research on brain games.  And then re-ask the question, “Does brain training work?”  We bet you’ll end up with the same response we use…it depends!

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